5 Song Dare

What is it:

   5 Song Dare is a songwriting workshop where we write one song a week for five weeks with built in feedback in a safe environment.

Who is it for:


   For people who are struggling to write on a schedule or write in general. 

   For people who want to focus on the craft of songwriting. 


   For people who want their songs to connect more with others

   For people who want feedback on their songwriting


   $60 - For the pilot program, my aim was to price the experience at about how much it cost to run it and ask attendees for feedback 


Payable via PayPal (preferred), or personal check (inquire directly with Kyler if this is your best option)


Use the Message/Memo “5 Song Dare - [Your First and Last Name]”

When and Where does it Meet: 


Last Day to sign up - Saturday May 15th

Zoom Session Meetings Dates that will last approx 45min

Replays available for all sessions

Time’s TBD based on cohort preferences:

Sunday May 16th 

Sunday May 23rd  

Tuesday June 1st* (Accounting for Memorial Day Weekend)

Sunday June 6th

Sunday June 13th 

Sunday June 20th

Sunday June 27th

Starting with Why

“I know that for me, part of what holds the keys to a meaningful life is the ability to effectively communicate and creatively express myself - often through songs. Therefore, the pursuit of habitual songwriting with output, feedback, and growth in mind is paramount and a community of like-minded individuals helps bring sustainability to that aim, because of the accountability and outside perspective available when others are involved. 


I have a vision of creating such an environment for others.”


The “Dare” is to start fresh and constantly return to the world of uncertainty hopefully with a frame of curiosity, empathy, or something else that helps us create.  Through Output and Accountability we aim to expand the collection of art we’ve created and explore what we want to say.

We will also talk about tools and tactics to make more meaningful songs in ways that we will define for ourselves. 


What this isn’t:

This isn’t a production workshop, however, we will cover ways to capture song ideas as they sprout!

What you get per week:

Feedback and ideas related to the previous week's song from Kyler 


Note: The intention is to get kind, honest, and curious feedback above all else.

What you get once over the course of workshop:

1) One-on-one with Kyler after the third song is submitted to talk about how things are going so far. 

2) Feedback from cohort on which is your songs they'd like to hear the first version of and why

Workshop Goals:

Build the habit of songwriting into your schedule

Learn to dance with the fear you bring into writing, recording sessions

Feel the love of giving yourself time to engage in songwriting

Become more comfortable showing your new songs to other people

Find the joy in living a more whole-hearted life.