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Live Looping and Beatboxing Lessons


Adults and children ages 12+ can learn the expansive, growing arts of live looping, beatboxing or Both one-on-one with Ki5 - a seasoned professional with extensive

stage and recreational experience in both disciplines

Lessons are bought individually or in groups of 4 or 8 and can be completed at any pace though weekly or bi-weekly are recommended

Individual Lesson Pricing

30min - $39

60min - $69

Lesson Series Pricing

4 x 30min - $149

4 x 60min - $259

8 x 30min - $279

8 x 60min - $479

All lessons available remote so attendees from anywhere in the world as long as schedules can be agreed upon

If you have any questions or special requests feel free to ask. 


Use the form below to setup a free consultation and get more info! 

Thanks for submitting! Expect a follow-up in the next day or so

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