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Welcome to The Buzz! Sep/Oct 2019 Shows, EP News, and More!

Greetings KiHive and Welcome to The Buzz [name pending review]!!!

This is monthly correspondence from Team Ki5 to You/All Interested Parties (YALPs) who'd like to know more about Shows, Releases, and Generally Awesome Shit That's Happening (GASTH); *ahem* Excuse my French.

Today, we'll keep it simple and give a little update on shows, recording/releases and merch. Saturdays are so chill, right?


9/21 - Saturday - TONIGHT - 8:30p - 10:30 - Sofar Sounds in literally someone's apartment who I've never met - Kalamazoo

9/26 - Thursday - 7p to 8:30 - The Grotto - Ann Arbor

9/27 - Friday - 6p to 7:30 - Ann Arbor Tonight (taping) ft. Erin Zindle of The Ragbirds - Ann Arbor

9/27 - Friday - 8p to 1a - Blind Pig [$8] opening for Sabbatical Bob w/ Mirror Monster - Ann Arbor

9/30 - Monday - 7p to 9 - Corner Brewery - Ypsilanti

10/5 - Saturday - 8p to 11 - House Show w/ Mirror Monster [Donation - $5 suggested] - Ypsilanti, Address will be posted separately - Contact Ki5 for details

10/18 - Friday - 7p to 10 - Tech City Jam @ The Neutral Zone - Ann Arbor

The Easiest Way to see all my shows and updates (cause *shit changes) is to Follow me on Instagram @ki5loops


It's my goal to finish all EP recording in October (while moving, playing gigs, starting new mini jobs - it's fine) with the idea of doing a November EP Release Party. Still looking for a venue/date, but November 15,16, 22 or 23 seem promising at the moment.

Please reach out if you have a date preference or a venue option I may not have considered!

Thanks for your patience. I feel like I'm putting a lot of pressure on this first release when really what I need is a deadline and group of people to toast with once we get there.


THE STICKERS ARE HERE AND THEY ROCK. They've been shipped to Austin, Denver, Seattle and Sacramento. Currently selling these at all shows for $3 or two for $5 while supplies last!

I'm never getting rid of my car and now it too has a lovely Ki5 sticker on it. Life is Good.

That's all YALPs - Thanks for checkin' out the GASTH all around ;)

*I'm happy to be in the camp of musicians who openly swears if it's not a family setting. Live your damn truth.

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